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        Welcome to Haixin Website

        • Dehydration of alkylation feed, refinery gas streams prior to cryogenic separation, naphtha and diesel oil
        • Purification of feedstocks to protect isomerization catalysts
        • Removal of water, HCl and H2S from reformer streams
        • Removal of oxygenates from etherification raffinate streams and alkylation feed
        • Removal of HF and organic fluorides
        • Removal of H2S to meet copper strip test for pipeline transportation
        • Removal of nitriles from etherification feed
        • Dehydration of ethanol
        • Dehydration and desulfurization of LPG streams
        • Separation of normal paraffins from branched chain and cyclic compounds
        • Purification by pressure swing adsorption for upgrading hydrocarbon streams
        • Removal of Hg